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Yoga/Movement Therapy


       Through my own experience with Somatic Psychology and neurobiology, I have come to recognize the philosophy of yoga and how strongly it integrates into my counseling approach. Yogis have known for thousands of years some of the things that western psychology is finally starting to catch up on.  “Maya” in this context is the veil or the lense in which we see and understand the universe. This lense is often colored by our “karma”, the patterns we continue to play out.  These patterns come from what yogis refer to as "samskaras", while therapists might name them as “core beliefs" or "core material”.  The practice of yoga gives us experiential practices to allow freedom from that veil or the unconscious habituation. It allows us to begin to start to see and feel things more clearly. Yoga and other mindfulness-based practices give us a flashlight to explore our inner landscape. 

       Yoga and contemplative movement have been an integral part of my life for a long time. I have seen these practices not only benefit my own life but the lives of many others. I have experience teaching yoga and contemplative movement for many years. I  have worked with the non-profit Street Yoga facilitating Trauma informed yoga trainings for yoga teachers, social workers, counselors and other professionals across the country since 2012. This includes trauma informed teaching, access, awareness of privilege and learning how to integrate yoga into the work we do as counselors or social workers. In 2019 Street Yoga's training were taken over by Rebel Breathto learn more or inquire about future trainings please visit our site. 


Examples of past yoga and movement classes and groups I have facilitated:

  • Adolescent and adult Yoga for trauma series

  • An 8 week Women’s group: Mindfulness, Movement and Group process

  • A two week dance and improvisation course for high school students as a means of personal growth

  • The Psychology of Yoga: Discovering your emotional anatomy

  • Empowered Teen Yoga

  • Trauma informed teaching as part of a 200 hr yoga teacher training



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