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My Approach

I believe counseling is a collaborative approach where we work together to explore areas in your life that give you meaning and purpose. I believe as humans we feel our best when we have a sense of connection and trust.


     Often we come to therapy because some area of our life feels disconnected. This can be in relationship to others, ourselves, our environment, or to something much larger. It is generally through life experiences, family, culture and things that are usually beyond our control that we develop maladaptive ways of connecting. We generally lose trust in ourselves and/or the world around us. We come to therapy when we begin to see these ways as no longer serving us.


     I work in a collaborative and integrative style. I believe we all have the strengths and capabilities within us that we need; it is my role to help you uncover them. My approach is mindfulness-based, meaning that I will help you deepen your awareness of the specific ways you experience yourself, others, and the world around you. I will guide and support you in cultivating compassion and acceptance towards yourself and others, so that you feel empowered to make the positive changes you desire in your life.


Hakomi Therapy is a system of body-centered psychotherapy which is based on the principles of mindfulness, nonviolence, and the unity of mind and body. Learn more about Hakomi Therapy HERE.




"Ivy has been incredible to work with and her body-centered approach to therapy is integral to the gains I've made in the last year. Her endless compassion and encouragement are amazing as she's guided me through learning how to heal and gain greater self-acceptance”.


Ecotherapists believe that the earth has a self-righting capacity through complex systems of integrated balance, and that if we can harmonize with those systems, we will experience mental health. Learn more about Ecotherapy HERE.


  • I offer individual, and group counseling


  • I work with adolescents and adults




Yoga/Movement Therapy

Yoga can be an excellent complement to individual psychotherapy. Learn more about how I integrate yoga and/or contemplative movement into our work together HERE.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP is the combined use of horses, a licensed therapist and a horse specialist all working together with clients to address various individual psychotherapy treatment goals. Learn more about EAP HERE.



EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy that enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. Learn more about EMDR HERE.

Fees and COVID Policies

Fee's are often dependent on whether you will be using your insurance to help pay for counseling and which insurance plan you have. To inquire about fee's for folks paying out of pocket please contact The Center at Heron Hill directly. I am in network with the Oregon Health Plan, Pacific Source, Aetna and can bill as a out of network provider for folks with other commercial insurance plans that have out of network benefits.  


I am currently seeing clients via Telehealth or can see people in person outdoors with masks in Canby, OR for folks 12 and up whom are vaccinated.  Our agency follows several policies regarding COVID19 in service to doing our part to best keep our community safe and healthy.

You can find more info regarding insurance, fee's, and any agency policies on our website



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