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If you have ever been around a horse then you are probably aware of the tremendous amount of sensitivity

that horses navigate from. 


EAP is the combined use of horses, a licensed therapist and a horse specialist all working together with clients to address various individual psychotherapy treatment goals. This unique method enables clients to learn about themselves through their experience and relationship with horses. Often we come to therapy because of the struggles we are experiencing in our "survival and emotional brains". As mammals and herd animals, horses survive and thrive in relationship, much like us humans. 


EAP gets right to the heart of what often brings us to therapy. It is through this dynamic relationship and our experiences with them, that become the mirror for how we have learned to navigate relationship. In

return this experience gives us the opportunity to be with others in a different way, facilitating the change we take with us into our everyday lives. Therapeutic results often begin immediately. 

To learn more, check out this great on ARTICLE on EAP

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